Marturisitorul Ioan Ianolide – 26 de ani de la trecerea la Domnul. Era apogeului tehnologic si privarea libertatilor umane

Progresismul e fenomen universal. Niciodată omenirea nu a fost atât de unanim angajată într-o concepţie ca în era tehnologică. Mintea oamenilor este materializată. Căci mintea oamenilor s-a concentrat, s-a educat şi a suprasolicitat toate energiile spre a realiza maxima dezvoltare tehnică, nelimitată şi absolută.
Viţelul de aur, zeul străvechi, se arată azi ca o uzină atotputernică în spiritul omenirii. Lumea se închină maşinii. Este o pseudoreligie a dogmelor materiale, a sensului material şi a finalităţii neantice. Căci materia e neant şi spiritul oamenilor s-a neantizat prin zeificarea materiei. Materia a devenit scop şi nu mijloc al spiritului. Omenirea nu mai are transcendenţă, şi consecinţa este dezechilibrul psihic, descompunerea morală, tirania politică, distrugerea naturii, alienarea şi, în cele din urmă, războiul atomic.
Civilizaţia modernă şi-a dezvoltat treptat propriul ei sfârşit, căci este cea mai dezechilibrată lume ce a existat cândva. Forţa ei este colosală şi sfârşitul ei este dezastruos.
Pe căile progresului paşnic, lumea va pieri prin senzualism, anarhie, tiranie, ură, poluarea naturii, epuizarea resurselor naturii, conflicte, degradarea şi alienarea oamenilor. Statul care va avea monopolul armelor sofisticate, al ingineriei genetice şi al tehnicii de determinare a conştiinţelor, va fi atotputernic şi va nimici omenirea.
Nimeni nu garantează libertatea oamenilor în această civilizaţie, nimeni nu poate guverna forţele tehnologice în această civilizaţie. De aceea omenirea trăieşte pe culmile disperării.

extras din cartea Intoarcerea la Hristos, de Ioan Ianolide

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  1. cristina zice:

    A fost oare parastasul lui Ianolide?

  2. GabiM. zice:

    Cata dreptate avea,dar cata lume l-ar fi crezut ATUNCI,sau cati sunt astazi cei ce cred?!? Dumnezeu sa-l odihneasca cu sfintii,iar pe noi,pacatosii, sa ne apere si sa ne miluiasca !

  3. camian zice:

    The Man Facing the Counterrevolution
    “There are very heavy the burdens they place o us and illegal the weapons of those we fight against, but We don’t give up fighting because the freedom is from God. The one that fights for freedom, for God fights”
    Mihai Cristea, 1892.
    Microchips are the precursors to the mark of the Beast. This deadly culture started in ‘70 with commercial products, it advanced to animals, and soon they—The Sold Governments—will impose it to People. That will render a great deal of control that is not only physical—but also in spirit. Everyone who will think/behave differently from what is imposed by the system will be located, excluded, killed. It will get to the point where nobody will be able to sell or buy without the mark. God will take care of those who love freedom for real and not only in declarations.
    Ion Ianolide- The PROPHET Prisoner
    “The prisoner feels that in the foreseeable future the communist power will be annihilated. He is sad because he sees that those who had the power loom as masters of communization of the country and the world to come. ( USA and western European countries have more and more of the characteristics of totalitarian regimes—my note).
    He is concerned because he understands that that a new tyrannical order that will be installed will be without opponents. The golden calf, the ancient god shows itself today as a powerful industry in the spirit of humanity. It is a pseudo-religion of material dogmas.
    The State that has monopoly over sophisticated weapons, genetic engineering and the art of determining the conscience will be powerful and will destroy mankind. Nobody guarantees freedom of people in this civilization, no one can govern technological forces in this civilization.
    Therefore humanity lives on the heights of despair. All the world’s solutions are the Cross of Christ and Christians, many times we lose the way, or will idle about, we returned to the Gospel and the Holy Spirit. “
    Ioan Ianolide, 1985.
    Machines take over the functions of our society. People identify themselves more and more with them and move in a phantasm world. It is more and more like a new Religion where the computers and TV are the Living Icons. People build them to respond more and more “humanly” and to think more and more “independently” and eventually more and more “interactively “ with the User—the Man—The Creator. The microchip and biometric madness and the widespread of social security numbers are among the very means that deliver free citizens to a culture of death and slavery in spirit. It will progress to actually imposing the number of man on each and every human being on the planet on the forehead or on the right hand. Those who will accept this mad deadly blackmail will drink God’s wrath. God gave freedom and life to people, not Madness and Spiritual Death. In the meantime..ANIMALS…
    – Like Nicu Steinhardt, a Romanian-Jewish political dissident put it, the Government in any democratic country has the duty of promoting justice, taking care of the environment, creating jobs for people, promoting dignity and freedom of expression, and respect for family and communities. When the Government becomes the great healer, the family member , and other roles that traditionally are being fulfilled by the family and free-determined communities, or turns justice into political propaganda, then watch out!!! The Government starts to become more than its designed function in the society. When the Government starts to inflict numbers in people—they try with animal first—just like in Nazi camps, then that Government becomes Mamona and these concessions we as free citizens have the duty to refuse. In Christianity people give to the Cesar what belongs to the Cesar and to God what belongs to God. But when the Cesar starts to ask of what belongs to God then they don’t have to give that.
    As a free citizen living in USA I would like to decide for myself how I am going to take care of an animal, NOT to have the GOVERNMENT take care of my animal for me. If I make this concession right now, tomorrow they will pretend that they know better to take care of let’s say my child, and they will impose a mark on children, because parents “are not able to take care of them anymore”. So the Government becomes the BIG PARENTAL FIGURE—Just like in Communist Regimes, they pretend to know better about… WE, The People. I choose to live in a free country and therefore I would like to save the Government from THYSELF, at least in this matter—of having them “take care” of my cat.
    Thank You!
    Here is the link to the Romanian Christian-Orthodox website Razboiul Nevazut (The Unseen War).

    Here you can find 2 great books that give a hint over what’s going on with the 666 System/Culture. One book is by an IT engineer his name is Mircea Vlad –Apocalipsa 13, Sfarsitul Libertatii Umane (Revelation 13, the End of human freedom), and At sunset the freedom of Jerusalem by Hristodul Aghioratul Christodoulos . There is also an article, Father’s letter on the signs of the times, 666 of St. Paisie Aghioratul.
    They all talk in the same Spirit about the computerized system that is used more and more against us and about the marking that has started with commercial products and evolving under different pretexts and excuses (all ethical and rational of course) to animals, then to peoples ID papers and then to experimental microchip implants.
    I believe that God bestows Christians and other people of His who are not in Christian flock yet, with the understanding and knowledge in Holly Spirit that is greater and more complete than any other knowledge. Therefore we don’t have to use the informative channels of knowledge that this 666 Culture facilitate, because otherwise we, more than any others we’ll drink the cup with God’s wrath. I am not referring to accessing via Internet specific information in a domain or the other, but rather to using Internet as a means to target people, preying on their privacy and personal life.
    This 666 Culture basically enables anybody to interfere with the life of a person because it is a technology that is easy to use and misuse, that allows information to be gathered and centralized in a very effective way and then to be handed over to persons willing to promote the 666 Re-education in the Spirit of the Beast. We, Christians are not protected by this temptation, of course. As the Christian- Orthodox Saints prophesized, there will be a great Harlot on a beast –and this harlot will be a church, like they said. This church and all her offspring that follow her will drink the wine of God’s WRATH. Therefore I believe that we need to respect the teachings of the Christian Orthodox Church and the Prophesy coming from East. This prophesies states that we are in a stage of Apocalypse that is very close to the final marking of people with the sign of the beast.
    This system is being more and more used by the Governments and disseminated more and more at all levels of society to spread out suspiciousness, fear, a sense that the power and control belongs to somebody else rather than to the person. It allows for people privacy and vital information to fall in the hands of other people just like in Animal Farm described by Orwell. What these people don’t know, is that they will fall by their own means. Because those who envision themselves in the position of great power and knowledge of how this system works are actually among those fish banks that the Bible describes, where the predatory dwell. If they can prey on people and make their life miserable, causing great damage in their families, and great personal turmoil, even kill them, they in turn will be handed over by God to the predatory in whose spirit they have done their work, namely the Devil himself, to drink God’s wrath to the last drop if they don’t renounce their ways.
    How does this culture of fear based on 666 work??? Well, very efficiently, almost automatically, because it moves in a Spirit. It creates the illusion of Omnipotence and Omnipresence, qualities that only God has, replacing in human soul the Godly presence. It works wonders for those full of pride, for people who wait for great encounters, or for those who hate Human freedom and Christ. They will be deceived by this work of deception, will be mislead and condemned because they could not receive the Truth and wanted instead an illusion of power. Among some of the principles and dynamics that keep us chained to this “ great discovery “ I would mention just a few:
    At a machine level I would mention capability for centralization and systematization of information, the illusion of great effectiveness by overuse of SSN (names and data births are not enough anymore to identify a person) , great incentive and even mandatory requirements for individuals to introduce more and more personal data—for job applications, for any access to resources, the perception that the machine knows better, therefore if there is something wrong with the machine recognizing something then, most likely the human made a mistake, because the machine is perfect. People make mistakes this is how learning occurs, the machine is basically a dead product that although will have more and more the appearance of an intelligent design it is destined to be destroyed.
    I personally believe that the computer and the TV technology represent the support for building the living icon that the Revelation talks about. This technology tends to grip more and more functions in our society. Our phone companies make more and more usage of digital systems involving computer synthesized voices that will be able to provide more and more complex answers. They imitate humans as much as they can. Imitation and persuaded identification machine-Human will be the mechanisms this Beast will use to flatter and convince people of their “communion”.
    Our Medical field uses more and more computerized technology and these things will have/ already have their preferences and they will probably kill those who don’t like them, those who are not in a wow! kind of stance and submission, simply by providing false information about an organ or the other or a function of the body or the other. People who use them are mostly enchanted and hypnotized by their capabilities and most of the time they miss the errors they promote. These things, as the Bible states are being filled with spirit from hell and this is allowed by God because people purposely developed most of this technology based on the number 666.
    Basically most of the commercial products in this world, along with animals and ID papers and soon implantable microchips for people contain a bar code that uses 666. It is an abomination and a mad challenge that man directed against the Lord of Life and Freedom. Man hands over the world that God created to the dead spirit of hell. I believe that when people started to experiment with this technology they probably had no idea where it will take us. Now more and more people start to witness things from the realm of paranormal, more and more state that extraterrestrials are among us–well, we shake hands with them almost all day via Internet/TV, and we link our whole physical and living world to these angels of hell and we expect that the force that we started to play with in the virtual world would not be unleashed into the real world??? Many people think that this is good, like in Star Treck experience opening the possibility to great encounters with other civilizations. These expectations will open up a world of great confusion, and actual madness, because this mind is simply crazy—it is genius, but in a way that is destructive for our civilization. We will witness how human relationships will be annihilated, people preferring to relate to this machine rather than to other people. The natural rejection that some people will have toward this dead culture will be pathologized, people will be ostracized, labeled crazy or killed on the basis that they are still human.
    At a human level there is an overloading of the brain up to the point of blurring the natural information processing and instilling a some kind of sense of relatedness to the whole world, to people they don’t know, and even another entities, in a way that involves a great deal of familiarity, with annihilation of the normal natural inhibitions. Finally this relationship with the machine that starts out being very exiting and stimulating, almost like in a love story will progress to a demonization of the person. People start to change their perceptions about the world and other people; typically these perceptions have a suspicious, anxious, paranoid quality. The world starts to become a place of dreadful events first envisioned in movies or video games and then translated into the real world. This phenomenon is already observable in our society, but the bad science that we trust so much convinces us that there is no actual link between the virtual horror and violence and aggressiveness in real world. The intensive emersion of children in this foreign environment will produce generations of people with an alien psyche that will abandon natural ways of human relationships, will fear emotions of friendship and closeness in themselves or in others, for the fear of being “manipulated”, or becoming “dependant” on others, they will value programmatic thinking that is in accord with the values of this Virtual GroupThink over free, personal thinking. Eventually humanity will move into a huge virtual mind, filled with lies, illusions and enchanting images where anybody has the potential of creating alternative realities for themselves and others, to the point of loosing contact to the real world.
    There are consistent efforts of facilitating the mass spreading of this virtual reality everywhere on Earth, because it is a great means of actually subduing people, pursuing them through the means of entertainment and terror news propaganda to embrace a new mentality, a new vision, a new attitude, to spread out revolutionary actions and overthrow undesirable regimes without firing one bullet, like in old days, to shatter cultures, to mock religions, to replace customs, in a word to create an uniform world with a great illusion of freedom. This world has such an intense sense of virtual power and freedom that people don’t exercise their real power in life, allowing others to think for them and arrange their real world for them. Therefore when they wake up from this daily day-dream and walk into real world, they get the sense that everything has been taken care of and is good for them.
    Therefore Internet and TV cable are very cheap, almost free if one thinks of unlimited time it allows for use. – Basically Phone Companies boaster their bills when the PHONE option is chosen over the Internet services, just to make people more dependable on Internet. How many things are almost free nowadays??? On Internet one has a lot o free stuff, phones, chats, thousand of hours of entertainment, without spending a dime beyond the regular fee. Why??? Because Death is for free in the beginning. Because this Internet/TV serve as new public endorphins and adrenaline pumps that keeps us in a state of hypnosis and excitement and overload us with information that is mostly political correct. When one slips toward less “Orthodox” avenues of Information or Communication problems start to come around–- with the job, at school, in family etc… Basically the devil breaks loose when humans start to claim their own thinking and freedom because he wants power and dominion.
    The next level of this evolution of love story between the humans and the machine is the advancement of the idea of physically taking this great gift of intelligence through the means of implantable microchips. So…therefore we will be able to access a HUUUGE cosmic data base of unlimited wisdom and knowledge only with our mind. WOOW–That’s really something! This might seem just like a great scientific and technological achievement–One can start to speak foreign languages very quickly, our Frankenstein scientists will say, or can …who knows ….learn thinks in an amount that an unmicrochiped person cannot even think of , and other kind of propaganda of this type….Also let’s not forget about the GPS function of these microchips that allows a parent to locate a child anytime, especially in this culture of fear and suspiciousness that this new Spirit spreads out. Criminals and terrorists can be tracked more easily and so on. Those are among the apparent benefits that will introduce the mark first as a great technological advancement and then as a commonly accepted social totem that would make impossible for anybody to refuse, especially when it will be requested for every commercial exchanges .
    This technology is being experimented right now on humans, with their accord or not. Those who accept this experimentation, or promote it enter under God’s wrath because GOD hates this evil work that develops under the auspicious of 666. They need to give away their false hopes, reject this technology, reaffirm their freedom and return to God. God protects those who are subjects of these gruesome experiments without their knowledge. In this situation no technology can touch their soul, because that’s God’s Domain. All these benefits are actually illusory because they involve agreeing to communicate with a world of fallen spirits, directly accepting their influence and dominion by using the pretext of technology. It is what is called possession by the devil disguised under the appearance of science.
    In reality the person becomes captive by choice to a world that is foreign to human experience and is meant only for the devil and his angels.
    Centralization and systematization of information is doubled by the Espouser, Falsification of personal data, or Great Intrusion in people’s life by Governmental parties or Insurances Companies, or other social agents (kind like in the story with pizza where somebody orders a pizza and receives a detailed medical report as an argument for why that kind of pizza is not good for his health). If we are to bring this vision to an Orwellian extension — one might foresee an entire society moving toward just one mind and one will, by extending these nightmare possibilities to schools, workplaces, even churches. Basically our entire social and religious institutions entering in the Brain of the Beast by surpassing their designed role and assuming that they have discovered a more effective way of social concord and control. In the beginning it might seem flattering for a society to exercise such a degree of influence, but soon the unwanted, actually dreadful effects will show.
    In the beginning it might seem cumbersome to communicate through a machine, but in this deadly evolution these channels of communications will be so ingrained in peoples’ brain that there will be just one common referential and semantic field. People will be of one mind with the Beast—one Thought, one Will. A zombified society that has just one brain. This will allow for instance for two people from totally two different places in the world to meet in an airport and share the same vision over events and factual realities. No conflict of ideas, no intensive emotions, no diversity of opinions, only spiritual harmony and psychic anesthesia all watched by big screens that are sensitive to detect any foreign wave of affect and browse for any intense thought, any view that is not in accord with the GroupThink. Then special agents trained to quickly remove the foreign element from the body of this sleeping Beauty will approach and isolate the trouble maker.
    Anyway, I don’t want to expand too much on this subject because I believe in people’s determination to be free and think and act independently and many of them will keep this freedom with the price of their life or with the price of social exclusion. Also ultimately is God’s choice because He will allow that everybody who is not in the Book of life to be deceived in this evil work, but there will be chosen people who might fall and this thing will defeat even the saints. Probably people who think that they can vovercome it with their own force and use it for apparent advantages will be deceived.
    However the whole society starts to revolve around this System. Social agents start to take up more and more power, by having access to personal data. They will abuse more and more their power, falsifying information for undesirable individuals, breaching confidentiality. Therefore SSN is being linked to the most important aspects of individual’s life and then exposed everywhere. In order to satisfy the needs of an apparent democratic society, the law makers/breakers/ tap on public sensitivity when they breach confidentiality, by invoking patriotic and ethical reasons such as defense against terrorists, control of drug usage, and violence. The insincerity of these rationales transpires because only the effects are being addressed and nobody pays attention to the real causes. The gross manipulation of the public opinion regarding the real causes of violence spread out by media, the way our representatives chose to spend public money, the real nature of conflicts we are being drugged into and allow our people to die in wars that don’t bring victory to us. All these real causes that are being obscured from the eyes of the public opinion contribute to the crisis. They are rather presented as great achievements and great rationales for National Pride. Therefore there is great freedom for the contributors of crisis and significant penalization for the effects. We allow ourselves to become vulnerable to hatred and revengeful attacks caused by inequities our bankers and companies create overseas and not ultimately because of the wars we engage in. Instead of addressing the real problem, we give up even more our rights and freedom exactly in the hands of those who create the trouble. It is as if a patient who suffers from fever is treated with a straitjacket. People can exercise freedom of speech as much as they wish, but it is exactly like yelling at a brick wall, because nobody will socially accept that. The system will be more and more restrictive and authoritarian. Exactly like in an authoritarian regime, it will use first mechanisms of persuasion, isolation, marginalization and exclusion, exactly by the means of manipulating of personal information, denigration, lies and than of course the breaches of confidentiality that becomes more and more legal. If these persuasive strategies fail, or even concomitantly with these strategies, the system deals with the individual by intimidation through violation of domicile, and intimacy or even by murder exactly like I any authoritarian regime. What they don’t know is that God has infinite more power over peoples then any earthly or demonic power, therefore they will ultimately fail in a time that God decides.
    Giving this pressure of the system for general obedience and fear, the society looses its vitality and independency and becomes more and more tied to the actual system.
    The LAWS become more and more incriminatory and blow criteria of common sense that a law has to fulfill in a democratic environment, namely the basic respect for human dignity. Nobody for instance has to prove to a potential employer that he/she is not dependent on drugs when that person offers his/her expertise and his/her time and other personal resources to be helpful in the society–the employer has to respect the person they hire as a man/woman with dignity and not treat him/her as a law breaker from the get going.). This 666 Culture/ System of fear brings more and more elements of punitive application of rules and regulations and mandatory compromise of our most basic rights. This phenomenon appears everywhere where this technology is being promoted and it has to do rather with the perception, information processing and conclusions operated in a paradigm of fear and disturbed assumptions, rather than with the actual reality. In an American-Indian proverb a boy asks his grandpa why some people are evil and some not. The grandpa says: “In everyone’s heart there are two wolfs hidden—one is good and one is evil.” “Who is the strongest? The boy asks. “The one that man feeds better is stronger”. In our culture, we feed the evil wolf better than anytime.
    The advancement of this culture with no forces to stop it opens the door more quickly to that gruesome world where everybody will be forced to accept the number as a totem that proves the individual belonging to the society. I believe that the advancement of personal sin and collective sin as well are both influential in how quickly we, as people give up on our dominion over the world we know. Therefore I believe what Ioan Ianolide, a Romanian Political Prisoner under Communists said in some of his books he wrote when he got out of prison. He said that Christians need to assume a more active role in the society, to take risks by witnessing the truth and speak against the inequities that are being promoted and not ultimately influence the laws, without changing in any ways the understanding of the Bible to make compromises with the worldly power. He knew that the Communism will be overthrown, but he warned that what will follow will be even worse.
    What amazes me is that I see that Christians actually agree and sustain the aggressive politics we perpetrate oversees and also the wars. They even have accepted the advancement of the mark. They protested in 70’ but from then on the work continued almost uninterrupted.
    If we don’t oppose the advancement of this work, just like these old Christian Orthodox Fathers and Saints advice us, we commit a great mistake. We actually kind of give up on our Christian faith, because we fight against Holly Spirit that talks through these Fathers. It is a number, not a symbolic reference. Without this actual number nobody can sell or buy. They don’t hire you right now anywhere in US without having a SSN. There is nowhere in our Constitution a single stipulation that implies that people have to carry a number, and still this is being enforced at every level of society, for every transaction, just like in Nazi Camps. God bless America, but God hates people, especially Christians associating their identity to a number. When the Cesar starts to impose that, under no matter how intelligent and sophisticated motivations and rationales, than Cesar starts to ask for more and more of what belongs to God, up to the point where Antichrist as a supreme Cesar will impose the ultimate compromise.
    In this country there still is Democracy and people have the right to fight for their human rights and yet we still consider that these laws of mandatory compromise of freedom defend us. No matter how intrusive they are, we trust the ethical reasons that we are being fed with just because we haven’t experienced yet, maybe, the great deal of abuse and misuse by irresponsible people. People who have experienced the abnormality of these approaches are not being trusted, are being isolated, surrounded with suspicion, pressured to give up, intimidated, stigmatized or even killed. We don’t know how many they are there is no desirable category to fit them in our suicidal society. Approaching political forces to find a support that would back up their vision can be even more deadly because most of political environment, although diverse in its appearance becomes more and more pressured to conform to an unifying vision, especially under the aspects of SSN , microchips and punitive laws. Therefore talking to them it might feel like the experience of the Communist Courts where the condemned individual had the right to say anything he wanted but everything he said would turn into accusations in ulterior investigations.
    In fact under our closed eyes a New World raises, a world that Communism only dreamed of.
    From my personal history as a library mouse, I learned that people who exercise a great power in this world know that Capitalism and Communism only seem to be 2 opposite forces in conflict with each other. In fact they are just two complementary powers, like two hands belonging to the same body. They have been disconnected for a while by a malfunction between the right and left hemisphere in the brain, which corresponds to the Cold War period when they experienced common, symmetrical reflexes but never seceded in coordinating their movements. Now the malfunction is being cured and these hands are actually moving in perfect complementarities, they unite each other in a big handshake, sometimes they unite themselves like in a prayer for “love and tolerance”. This is the new wave of a Corporatist World that we live in today. Otherwise we wouldn’t see great well developed Corporations from the Western World thriving in communist regimens like China, or all over former Communist block or in countries where terrorism is a great fear. Wherever they go they thrive. They shatter all the common sense Capital Laws against monopole in the host countries and prosper by using the local cheap work force. It might sounds socialistic in words, let alone in action. They are actually the new Marxist burgeons and they feel that the whole world stands at their feet. The Communists dreamed of unifying the whole world in one vision of “prosperity” and “happiness” for some, but they haven’t succeeded, because they failed at the economy. These new guys on the block actually succeed where the Communists failed, because they combine the Economic vision of veracious beginnings of Capitalism with the atheistic disrespect for the human being and their dignity and freedom…and wonderment! It works!!! Yeeeeeeeeeyyy!
    They build a world that is uniform, same corporations everywhere, same buildings, same entertainment, almost same food, same advertizing, same haircut, same cloths, same dance, same music, and almost same people and of course all this unity in diversity brings us under the same systems of numbers based on the same number of man, 666. We, the people are being conditioned through the same MEDIA on the same most basic levels of the human development—pleasure and consumption that are the same great aphrodisiacs that produces same generations of still born kids, easily to control, scary and manipulate. They instill the mentality “If hire you, you become mine, soul and body, your whole life depends on me” –and people start to trust them unconditionally, and to depend on them no matter how abusive and intrusive their policies become.
    When the bubble of the great consume blows and people enter in crisis these guys prosper even more, because then they exercise even a greater degree of control and centralization of resources.
    On the other hand they enforce an even greater deal of political power by lobbing for the advancement of even more punitive laws-because, let’s recognize it again, there is crisis and “people start to do drugs and other crazy things”, that kind of explanation, “therefore we need to watch over them”…And they do. We are just prisoners to another crisis. Because there is a real crisis for many, and we need food and cloths for children, we don’t pay attention to the political environment, and we don’t choose to exercise our democratic power. We rather go with the flow and comply to these intrusive laws and regulations up to a point when the tension will build that strong that instead of using the WORD to change laws we will use ARMS—against each other—and that will bring us to another level of need for even more control by the Government or other organizations.
    Well let’s go back to these companies that forge the vision that they know better for their employees and for the whole society. They are like the wind. They go where money leads them, they don’t want to pay Americans to produce their goods here in this country, therefore they go to “help” others, and they help US too, from the distance by buying lobbies ….So they sacrifice themselves and go to this dangerous, obscure, undeveloped world their Media loves to picture. They don’t go alone. They go accompanied by Non-governmental organizations, that have the role of making pressures over the political and economic environment in the country that host them –-kindda like here, but with greater boisterousness and entitlement. They got the promise and the host got the resources, so they have to actually convince everybody that those resources belong to them. And not only politics are their concerns but also the local Culture and Religion. They are experts in spotting holes in the very fabric of those hosts, until the whole environment becomes a black hole, a deserted house, a cursed, unwanted place. Especially Orthodox Christian Religion is the dearest to them. Probably others too, but nobody they believe, is more backwards for these guys than these primitive Orthodox Christians. Well, they get scared of what they generically call Taliban too, because these people get upset when their countries are being invaded and trashed. How dare they to defend their own countries from the new burning wave of revolutionary happiness and prosperity—this is backwards, is against human evolution. They don’t give up they use brain-washed/ing, agents for media manipulation along with local traitors to instill their new economic and philanthropic vision. When this doesn’t work, they kill. Either through wars—mass killing, or individually, under “I don’t like your eyes” kind of arguments. We know about wars. At an individual level I can bring examples of people who were killed because they didn’t want to receive this totally new vision of faith. There were a Romanian girl, an American girl and a Bulgarian girl who were irradiated at Soros University campus in Hungary. Unfortunately I don’t know anything else about the other two girls, but I know that the Romanian girl was killed because she refused to demonstrate in her thesis that Origen’s writings were according to Christian Faith. That’s an awesome reason to kill!!!! And than they call Christians primitive. She started out by accepting that this might be the truth, but when she studied more closely the writings of the Holly Fathers of the Church and compared them with Origen’s writings she concluded that Origen’s teachings were not in accordance with Christian faith. Her professors, who most likely were ignorant of Christian Religion and Faith, persuaded her to prove the contrary and she again categorically refused. She challenged their authority and said that it is not the truth, and she does not want to give up the truth for which so many people died in our Christian-Orthodox Church. She finished her thesis but did not defend it. She did not reach any agreement with them so she returned to Romania, at the advice of a monk and there she discovered that she had cancer in an initial phase. It was determined that she was irradiated. She went back to Hungary to bring back her books and there she met with some of her professors who offered to treat her disease if she agrees to change the conclusion of her thesis. She refused their offer and returned to Romania, where she died of cancer more than one year latter.
    Very Philanthropic gestures, on the parts of these Philanthropic Corporations/ Organizations. …They go to “help” others to produce goods while here at home we produce the means of death–- sophisticated armament, bombs and other bad staff that can kill people here or oversees. That’s way we Americans are so much loved in the world.
    As a conclusion I would say that I don’t agree with the Law incriminating people when it actually has to defend them and I believe that people who make the laws have to feel responsible in their inner Court of consciousness for the politics they promote here and oversees. These political agents listen to the lobbies not to the citizens that voted for them. These laws give these people a great deal of power over the person and a great potential to be misused. It also spreads a climate of suspiciousness that makes people to turn one against the other.
    We see the outcomes but we are being lead into believing that they are for our good, to protect us. We see that our money turn into nukes and fuel the industry of death but because the MEDIA says is good for US and others, we trust them. I strongly believe that we kind of allowed reversal of good and bad, light and darkness and just go with the tide of Death. The peace was taken away from the world because of the world’s sins, but this doesn’t mean that we, as Christians have to agree upon the means by which the peace is being taking out, just because they are being portrayed as just and ethical by those who promote them.
    I strongly believe in Love as a basic force that moves the world, and I also believe that Love without a sustainment of justice and righteousness becomes just a lame statement. How many people who say they believe in love don’t actually feel that they would to rip the head of their neighbor off when a sensitive degree of righteousness is shaken in their relationship? That’s because love without the armor of justice and righteousness is like a building without a foundation. Very few people are able endure injustice and respond to it with love, or turn the other chick, and even they experience anger. Anger is a normal feeling, it shows that something ain’t right. Anger is tied to the sense of justice everybody has ingrained in their being. Those who invoke love and tolerance when a more distant from their experience cause of unrighteousness reveals to them, they are usually the first to put their hands on guns when they perceive unrighteousness closely related to them.
    Christ was the most loving Person on Earth, and still when he witnessed the hypocrisy of the money changers in the Temple he put his hands on the whip and threw them out of the Temple. I believe that this act actually mirrors His Ultimate Defeat against the Antichrist, the son of perdition who will be the crown of this SHITY political and economic system (The new condamntaed beast) that doesn’t allow those who don’t agree with it to have access to the resources. He will throw him (This stupid shit) out from the Temple, just as he did with the money changers.
    He did not kill anybody and He only cursed a tree, but He cleaned the Temple with a great wrath. To me this is the one of the most endearing episodes in the whole New Testament, that shows Christ God and Human. This makes the Christianity as much a Universal faith as those episodes that reveal Christ as a loving God. This episode brings Him closer to the God Father of the Old Testament who is the God of Law, showing that the two of them have actually the same identity. Our Christian God is not like an old man with long white beard, a conventional God who feeds candies and other sweets to kids. He is the God of love Who sacrificed himself to the shameful death on the Cross, and is also the God of justice and punishment. And because we live in times of such great unlawfulness, I believe that we encounter more and more the manifestations of the God of Law from the Old Testament than Christ, the Loving and merciful God because we forget mercy for others.
    God has darken His face in the Icons, sign maybe that He is at war with the hypocrisies of the western version of Christianity, and that the Church that is the true bearer of His children moves more and more toward East, where Her True foundations lay and also where the Beast breaks loose to kill the Child again. His last wondering children will be brought home, and I believe that Christ missing their zest and their passion to fight with the Angel again. Of course many westerners are being invited to this kind of adventure, of awesome courage and sacrifice, and great return. Not the conquest that kills other nations and forgets that those who take out the sword are killed by the sword, but the one that takes with assault the Heavens in holiness and righteousness.
    Christ’s anger shows that we have the right to become angry and use this force to seek justice and shatters the mythologized version of faith. That is Church has the mission only to pray, and not witness the truth about the inequities in the world, especially those created by Christians in the name of God. According to this vision good Christians are getting very close to mark their foreheads but they still do justice in the world. They are hunting down terrorists now, and other even better Christians supply both, theorists and good Christians with arms purposely for this great battle to occur at this time in history.
    I believe that this force of anger towards injustice kept Romanian Christians along history when so many people passed over their lands and tried to change the law of the country. This anger turned them from mild peasants and shepherds in great soldiers to defend what God entrusted them with. Not that the Romanians are the most righteous and loving people on Earth, and their anger is holly all the time, they have innumerous problems but they never ever wanted other people’s resources or lands. They died many times to defend their country from foreign invasion and their Christian Faith as well. Well now they joined the club and ever since almost 4 millions of people migrated to other countries for work or for good and the country is in a great financial and spiritual crisis. Emigration is unusual for Romanians, they being among the most settled population on Earth but the things change. Instead Romanians will have nukes, microchiped sheep, microchiped ID papers, and angry shepherds!!! Yeeeeeey!!!!— that must be very cool, so nobody can complain nowadays that polenta doesn’t explode.
    Now I will persevere a little bit more on the theme related to these bad guys that set the world on fire, because I have a tooth against them. They go wherever a potential for conflict is and…again, they help out, by splitting their tongue over the political and cultural environment in the target location, and ultimately by selling arms to both parties engaged in conflict. I don’t care what kind of economic, or cultural pretext they use, most of them end up spreading propaganda, turning brothers against brothers, neighbors against neighbors, trashing the local values and replacing them with this cold fishy culture of death and alienation. Who are these guys to judge and condemn peoples and countries, to say that we need to move in a great holistic universal coffin just for them to be happy? Well, where is the ethic of this? The unfortunate situation nowadays is that many guys like this come from US, but there are many who come from Europe and they dream now an unified Europe, an unified world…Who let these guys out????
    Ben Laden started out by being a great heroic figure first, here in America for his libratory vision that fueled some action in the former USSR I believe, with American money and help and ended up being the most wanted…terrorist in the end; same actors, two opposite visions about them, on a relatively short time span. Where is the consistency of this and who is teaches us how to think in black today and in white tomorrow, and in the day after tomorrow to start all over, from the square one. With these patterns of changing the world we will witness the BenLadenization of the whole Earth.
    The peace of the world is being taken away exactly by these means, among many others of course, and we believe that they are righteous and just or we simply chose to focus on other things and not take the bull by its horns and face the truth. We call ourselves Christians but we don’t witness the truth and allow others to bring about their own truth in our name. I don’t want this version of Christianity, I would rather be pagan, live in a natural kind of happiness and not take God’s name in vain. This version of Christianity is willing to change even God’s Word only to fit a skewed vision of the world. It is written that those who take out the sword will die by the sword, but nope…in these modern times things have changed, even in God’s Book. We can kill people as much as we want BUT NOT in the name of God. I believe that in a democracy, when the Government goes astray and shoots at people anywhere in this world or supports those organizations that kill like NATO, we as civil society become responsible of their actins, because we have the democratic means to change things here at home.
    I will end by paraphrasing two Romanian Political Prisoners under Communism, Ioan Ianolide and Valeriu Gafencu (also named the Saint of the Prisons). They envisioned that toward the end of the history as we know it, people will be controlled by a machine, and that the state that has the means of technological control over human consciousness, and genetic engineering techniques will destroy the world. They said that all these things are happening because people lost their courage and faith in Christ, that they fail to seek Justice they fail to resist political propaganda or they start to use the means of the enemies rather than Christian means that are a lot more powerful. Ultimately the Victory and Revenge belongs to God. Nonetheless the sons of evil have greater determination, power and courage to influence the world that follow them because the world lost its traditional, natural, Godly regulatory mechanisms. Therefore there is no peace among nations, among peoples, among brothers . Anyhow, in the end the victory belongs to Christ. All this turmoil is meant to make us open our eyes and realize that the world sits on a mountain of dynamite and that only God’s grace keeps it from exploding yet, and that the only salvation is through the Cross.
    I believe that the experience the Eastern Church encountered when the Communist beast attacked Her is a great value for people here in US, because that Christian Orthodox Church gave innumerous martyrs and saints that God entrusted with visions and prophesies of times to come.
    God Bless You

  4. camian zice:
    The Thinker and his soul mate –two prehistoric statues discovered in Romania. “Thoughtcrime does not entail Death Thoughtcrime is Death.” Orwell, 1984 Now that he recognized himself dead, the most important thing was to stay alive as long as possible. Paul Goma Taliban d’Taliban d’Taliban God is not in Haven, is not on Earth; God is in our heart. Mihai Eminescu “Nu stiu d-astea. Nu stiu d-astea– raspunsul celor carora li se vorbeste de tortura, de lagare, de inchisori, de recunoasteri totale ale acuzatiilor, de internari politice in ospciile de nebuni–Nu tine!!! Nu este o scuza valabila!!! Nimeni nu este obligat sa inventeze praful de pusca ori sa descopere teoria cuantelor. Altminteri, insa , elementara desteptaciune este o indatorire. Mai ales pentru un crestin, care trebuie sa fie mereu atent la ispite. Iar prostia este o ispita. Dar nu numai pentru crestin- si aceatsa din pricina unei constatari experimentale obiective: nimeni nu stie nimic, dar toata lumea stie totul(…)Jean Cau ii raspunde lui Roger Garaudy (care si el spune ca n-a stiut) cum nu se poate mai bine: Dar eu unul care nu am fost professor universitar si membru in comitetul central, eu cum de am stiut? Milioane de oameni de pe strazi cum de au stiut (…) Nu ne convine s-o recunoastem, ne adapostim indaratul obiectivitatii stiintei, le avem de la fire, si zac in sufletul, inima, rarunchii, mintea, bojogii, maruntaiele, celulele, tropismele si sinapsiile oricui. Toata lumea stia ca Irod e o pramatie, Robespierre o canalie, Stalin un ticalos. Chibrite aprinse aruncate peste benzina. Dar eu parca am stiut ceva? Am stiut eu ceva despre lumea aceea fara de asemanre in mijlocul careia m-am pomenit? Despre suferintele ascunse? Despre eroii nestiuti? Despre cei ce douazeci si patru de ore din douzeci si patru isi pastrau demnitatea in cellule concepute sa duca numai la denunt si spurcaciune, la prabusire si dementa? (Jurnalul Fericirii, N. Steinhardt)” “ I didn’t know. I didn’t know—this is the answer of those who hear about torture, prisons, camps, about forced declarations, or false accusations, political confinement to psychiatric wards. Well, it doesn’t fly, it is not a valid excuse. Nobody has to invent the riffle powder, or to discover quantum theory. Otherwise the elementary intelligence is a duty. Especially for a Christian who always needs to be aware at falls. And stupidity is a great fall. But not only for Christians- and this because of an objective, experimental observation: nobody knows something, and yet, everybody knows everything. (…) Jean Cau tells Roger Garaudy (who also denies knowing) in the best way possible: How is it possible that, I, without being a Professor and a member of Communist Party , well…I knew?! Millions of people on streets…How did they know? (…) We don’t like to recognize it, we hide behind the scientific objectivity, it is in our nature, it is ingrained deeply in our soul, heart, depth, mind, intestines, cells, synapses and tropisms. Everybody knows that Irod was a creep, Robespierre a rat, Stalin a bastard. Burning matches thrown on gas. Did I know anything? Did I know anything about the inconceivable world I suddenly found myself in? About the unknown suffering? About the unknown heroes? About those who 24 hour out of 24 hours kept their dignity in cells meant to lead to betrayal, filth, collapse and dementia?” (The Journal of happiness, Nicu Steinhardt)” Red Holocaust “Then He placed Cherubs with blazing sword to guard the Road to the Tree of Life” ( Genesis, 3,24). “People’s biggest sin Is fear, fear of facing the truth. The truth is brutal, and yet only the truth is useful.” Mihai Eminescu Why is this guilty silence and incrimination and defamation and isolation of those who remember about the crimes of communism ? Why is this perseveration on Nazi Holocaust when there was a 50 years of Red Holocaust that killed hundreds of millions of people in the Eastern Block? ““Misterul” se afla in prabusirea imeriului sovietic, prin simbolul zidului Berlinului. Atunci evreii de pretutindeni au fost cuprinsi de spaima unui Numberg pe invers, in care ar fi urmat a fi judecati multi dintre ei pentru crime impotriva omenirii, pentru co-autorat moral si material a terorii bolsevice de peste 70 de ani, exercitata pe a cinciea parte a globului pamantesc.” “The crushing of the Soviet Empire, through its symbol, The Berlin Wall might be “the mystery”. Then the Jews from everywhere felt the acute threat of a Nuremberg in reverse, where many of them would have been judged for crimes against humanity , for material and moral co-authoring of Bolshevik terror of over 70 years, perpetrated on a surface equivalent to one fifth of the Earth. “ Paul Goma, Romanian Political Dissident Well there is a tradition of not knowing —We don’t know about those that happened yesterday and we also don’t know about those that happen today in our countries that we say are democratic and respect people dignity. For instance we don’t know what happens in our own prisons that are more just like the prisons in the former communist bloc. Aren’t prisoners of war people as well? Let’s make a better Guantanamo Bay, and make a better world with better means. Or maybe the way we treat the war prisoners in Guantanamo Bay reflects pretty much the way we do Justice in the World. Or how about how we treat our own citizens? American-Indians, the first people living in this country, that happen to have an ingrained sense of respect for natural harmony that God placed in Creation, they live in reservations, and some of them protest against making America a nuclear ward. Lenard Peltier, an American Indian artist suffers great deal of persecution in prison and inhuman treatment for protesting against developing nuclear bombs on a land that used to belong to his ancestors. The methods used here in our country against people who are undesirable are not different from those in former communist countries. He was surrounded by proxies from his own community who ostracized him for his ideas and actions, using the means of defamation, incrimination, isolation and exclusion, means that made him more vulnerable to revengeful, extreme acts by others, an easy target to be confined to a more formal restrictive environment, the Prison. These methods aim to have the undesirable individual annihilated by his own kind in order to prove that his ideas are disliked by people from his own ethnic group and also by the society in general. From the simple ostracism and social exclusion they can reach more intense forms like community conflicts, even murders, such that the individual and those who sustain the cause are being taken out through a natural selection, and the authoritarian power doesn’t have to do much, just to facilitate. That’s the very mechanisms the Beast uses against people. Same like in Communism. Pitesti Experiment that took place in Romania in 1949-1952 and 1961-1964 , is a great exemplification of how abusive powers exercise their influence first starting with experimentation on vulnerable groups such as prisoners and then extending it to the whole society. They re-educated people in prisons and outside spreading out terror, by using foundry, rumors, disinformation, prying on the integrity of the person by using drugs, violation of intimacy and domicile, deletion, lying, means that have the scope of compromising and alienating the person and hopefully down the road recruiting him/her for spreading Bolshevik propaganda to others. The Book In The Name of Science describes some of the gruesome experiments governments use on vulnerable groups of people here in US. Well if this so-called “ecumenical spiritual rejuvenation” does not apply to critical situations like that, to defend the vulnerable ones and to defend civil rights and causes, than it does not change the world in conferences either. These situations are like a modern reproduction of the parable with that Guy fallen in the middle of the road, among thieves, and a whole procession of peace makers and just priests of the new world “righteously” pass them and don’t pay any attention that they are dying out of our hypocrisy. Here I will make just a little, brute recourse to history and present as well. I will take as a point of reference three famous history maker agents. The American history maker agent, the Jewish history maker agent and, the last but not the least …The Jewish history maker agent. Ups!!! Sorry, the Romanian history maker agent. I am a Romanian born person, more and more Americanized, therefore I will bluntly take the side of the Romanian History maker agent. Because he is more ortoMan (fiery) has many sheep, pretty and horned and no shelter for them anymore. These three history maker agents have original participations/adaptations to this New World dis(Order) with burning houses and pyromaniac fire fighting strategies. The American, the new Kid on the Old Block is been dragged to save other houses while his own is burning, the Jew manages to keep his own on fire, probably nostalgic after the burning bush ( but lacking the means of those times) while he redesigns the World. He boasters that he’s already bought other houses-Poland, Check Republic, Romania (why not???Let it be sold!) and prepares his triumphal exit from his own burning one through this very strategic preemptively striking measure. The Romanian just like the Thinker from Telegiuleaua Atomica, well he found a place to meditate at the destines of the world on a burnt to ground, a wasted land that used to be his house. He does not follow his vital sense in history anymore. Nope! he complies with whatever. He found a solvability for his set on fire house—He will sell the ground!!! The foundation of what used to be his house and make it one of the Earth cemetery grounds for a nuclear madness, the New World’ Titanic Enterprise. Christian Orthodox Saints mention that the time of Apocalypse started with the Russian Revolution. French Revolution placed the seeds and the Russian Revolution harvested them. That is the point when man starts to make history predominantly with the Beast and not with God. The unleashing of apocalypse beasts in history is a consequence of man’s choice and it is ultimately under God’s control because He is the One who commands spirits. At man’s request of course. Ioan Ianolide, a Romanian political prisoner gave a brief inventory of man’s endeavor of creating history without God: “Renaissance shadowed God through Man, The Reform confused Christianity, French Revolution bowed to a Prostitute, and Communism succumbed to Materialism.” The post-Communist Era bows to a Machine and to a Culture of Death—The number of Man. The crowning of the Son of Perdition in the Temple in Jerusalem, The False Messiah will be the culmination of man’s endeavor to overthrow a Godly order. He will last there a very short period that will correspond to the greatest tribulations mankind has ever encountered. God has always respected human freedom and at these times of turmoil He is willing to show to the man the full extension of his ungodly choice for his social order and also personal life. Nazism, Communism and post-Communist Era, the so called Globalism represent phases of Apocalypse. It’s a great time of turmoil, because people forgot mercy and justice. The unconventional arms used against civilian population, the intense militarization transform our world in a war ground. Technology and science work more and more against humanity. People bow to machines, they built an icon of madness and perdition based on the number of man. Social “security” madness aims to transform the world in a crazy asylum. All these aspects of today are being relativised, minimized, or denied. Recent history is also falsified, minimized or simply ignored, because the means used by the titans yesterday are pretty much the means of today. People who express concerns about this upside-down order are excluded just like in “good times”. Freedom of speech succumbs to political correctness. So why this cry over spilled milk, this lamentation when mistakes from the past continue in the present? In the meantime, some people are in great hurry. They already have become “Messiah” and they have already started the Last Judgment Day. They don’t pay attention to the blunt inequities that are happening in this very moment, or in a more recent history. I don’t believe their trial is just. I would like to make a recourse…I hope I will not fall in the same trap of pretending to know the Absolute Truth—I don’t have a Messianic Vision of Truth and Righteousness and in the same time I have a comparative perspective over events from people that suffered great persecution under Communist years in Romania. It is interesting how people otherwise well equipped intellectually don’t observe the double standard and the political propaganda behind this “Justice”. For instance Romanians are incriminated perpetually for deporting people to labor camps in Transnistria and yet no word about the persecution of Japanese people here in US during WWII and after. Romania is accused for perpetrating a holocaust against Jews in Ardeal while under Hungarian Administration and yet no word about the significant genocide –the Red Holocaust perpetrated by Bolshevik leaders of Jewish descent in Romania and in the whole Eastern Block during Communism. In reality Antonescu saved Romanian Jews refugees from Ardeal, and in he sent people to labor camps in Transnistria not because they were Jews but because they were Gypsies, Ups!! because no matter what they actually used to be they had become traitors, and collaborated with Bolsheviks in a time of great trial for the country. It is also interesting how people with a kin sense of social justice and civic freedom have a double standard for judging these aspects. The bad guys, the enemies of democracy are always elsewhere, usually in those “primitive societies” and we need to fight them first there in order to enjoy here freedom. As a result freedom and democracy become just abstract concepts, because here on the grounds we have started the witch hunting from kindergartens to nursing homes. There was a Red Holocaust in Romania and in other countries from Eastern Block. I would mention here the heads full of madness that perpetrated the horrendous crimes under the Pitesti Experiment after the war the Titans of the Communist Era in Romania: Anna Pauker, Nicholski, Zeller , Kohler, Grinberg. They had, like I said a vision of what the society should look like and they imposed it by the means of Bolshevik propaganda, institutionalized terror and manipulation of information, isolation, imprisonment and killing of unknown numbers of Romanians in prisons and outside . These people, intellectuals or people without too much school but with basic, peasant-like common sense, people whose main crime was love for freedom, for their nation, for God. Thinking outside the box of Bolshevik propaganda was also a crime for which they suffered physical and psychological mutilation or extermination at the command of these “messianic “ figures. Those people were classified as criminals and exterminated or excluded from the society. Attack to Memory–Preparing the Road for a New Holocaust What is untrue it does not become true by the circumstance that it is national; what is unjust it does not become just for that reason that it is national. Nationality within the boundaries of truth. Mihai Eminescu Just like their predecessors, New Titans rise and redesign the world and prepare it for a new death ground. Today we actually assist at a new cycle of burning Bolshevik-like revolutionary zest. It appears to bring a better order and freedom to many, but in reality it brings economic destruction, followed by great alienation, cultural and spiritual death and mourning. The strong lobbies that move our so-called democracies make history as Goliaths of this world, in these years of global revolutions and wars that set nations on fire, first in the Balkans and now in Middle East. They use the means of muss murder, shock and terror, followed by disinformation, demolition of local economies, cultures, traditions. Romanian political prisoners had great visions while in prison in 50’s about the world to come. They envisioned that the communist regimes will crush but the order that will follow would be much worse. Totalitarian control by The State will expand to a global scale. People in power and the agents of these new global society will use the same mechanisms for authoritarian control the communists had, only with better technological means. Ion Ianolide- The PROPHET Prisoner “The prisoner feels that in the foreseeable future the communist power will be annihilated. He is sad because he sees that those who had the power loom as masters of communization of the country and the world to come. ( USA and western European countries have more and more of the characteristics of totalitarian regimes—my note). He is concerned because he understands that that a new tyrannical order that will be installed will be without opponents. The golden calf, the ancient god shows itself today as a powerful industry in the spirit of humanity. It is a pseudo-religion of material dogmas. The State that has monopoly over sophisticated weapons, genetic engineering and the art of determining the conscience will be powerful and will destroy mankind. Nobody guarantees freedom of people in this civilization, no one can govern technological forces in this civilization. Therefore humanity lives on the heights of despair. All the world’s solutions are the Cross of Christ and Christians, many times we lose the way, or will idle about, we return to the Gospel and the Holy Spirit. “ Ioan Ianolide, 1985. I see this happening right now before our hypnotized eyes. Today we have mainly a leveled Media Voice that appears to have just one view regarding current or past crucial events, with strict censorship and brutal selection only of some aspects of reality, misinterpreting them, or plainly falsifying them and disregarding of other that are crucial. They construe and deliver this uniform vision to a public that grasps it immediately in the time left between two comedy shows or two computerized games. The electronic centralization of personal data makes people in the society feel more controlled than any time in history, and therefore compelled to comply to this politically correct vision, otherwise …well otherwise the Big Brother, The Group Think , the Center will locate any alien vision or opinion and will quickly act to eliminate the trouble maker. Machines take over the functions of our society. People identify themselves more and more with them and move in a phantasm world. It is more and more like a new Religion where the computers and TV are the Living Icons. People build them to respond more and more “humanly” and to think more and more “independently” and eventually more and more “interactively “ with the User—the Man—The Creator. The microchip and biometric madness and the widespread of social security numbers are among the very means that deliver free citizens to a culture of death and slavery in spirit. It will progress to actually imposing the number of man on each and every human being on the planet on the forehead or on the right hand. Those who will accept this mad deadly blackmail will drink God’s wrath. God gave freedom and life to people, not Madness and Spiritual Death. Basically our new Dis(ordered) societies become prisoners of two antagonistic forces: at one end an illusion of freedom created by Pavlovian conditioning of the human being at the most primitive levels of existence—consumption and pleasure, and at the other end the strict monitoring of the flow of ideas and their cultural, social and political application. What in communist regimes was called “Cultural Revolution” becomes in this New Dis(Order) “Political Correctness” which is a also a form of Programmatic Thinking. As a result people don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them and become masses of maneuver. As an example I will give the policies that orient the interventions in the Balkans and Middle East. They –on short terms and on long idealistic terms bring some strategic and economical gains but in reality they bring humanity on the brink of a nuclear war. What brought 1989 Revolution to Romania? Destruction, mainly. What brought December 1989 moment to the re-designers of the new world? A new arena for a new Cultural Revolution. It takes a great deal of achievement to convince The People that the destruction of local economy, through “re-technologization and refinancing” of industry , agriculture and public services down to the bone of bankruptcy , cultural and spiritual decadence, the organized, institutionalized theft perpetrated by International Monetary Fund, or World Bank, – all these are actually good for them. Because they/the host countries have to share, which is the political correct terminology for giving a share, a consistent one—lion share– to the New World’s Builders of Socialism through militarization, mass murder, for everybody else and happiness for some self-elected ones. Now there is a great promise—Romania will get the official emblem, the Nukes and The Number of Man – to prove her belonging to the horned House . What is it with these nowadays political agents ? How do they succeed to govern a country without a country? A foreign, wired idea about what a country SHOULD be, without the actually addressing the real needs of The People living in that country? They address only BIG , HUGE ideas : the planetary security—so they get NUKS!!! UE/NATO’s Needs and Wants–Big Time–So they pay money–big money to companies and to other guys from the club that suck the profits from wars and revolutions–and in return they get more demands–they transform the country in a Nazi camp–having every free citizen becoming a biometric entity attached to a number, for security ,of course. Romania has become a ground for gruesome experimentation with biometric ID’s. I would also mention here the blackmail that NATO imposed to Romania before she became a member. Romania had to accept a tricky contract with Bechktel. They actually took over roads in Romanika and basically the country has to pay tribute to a company that changes its contract unpredictably, with no control from the engaged party–namely Romanika. Who sold the country? Whose country is Romanika????? Youth learn to become mercenaries , to betray their country, defile or ignore history, swallow the new propaganda, consent to apply the new/old means of spreading it, and to go and kill people oversees in wars that serve sharky interests. To satisfy these perpetual, greedy, absurd demands, the obedient to the new directives political class cuts from people–pensions, salaries, business…etc Kind of gruesome. So on one hand the political class in the host country agrees with the bankrupt politics and on the other had they punish their own population to satisfy the needs of the club. Banks serving foreign capital in Romania rendered mass uncovered loans to institutions and persons and ..took them back, with proprieties as bonus when the organized financial disaster struck in Romanika. From outside, the club looks so nice , so cozy, so well established, that the more efforts one makes to sell what they have in order to get there, the more worthwhile the belonging to that dreamy place becomes. One becomes home/nationless just to get there. Homeless??? Nationless??? And still not quite there yet????Well than …there is still something…the soul…I sell my soul to you I become a biometric entity in a computer that you might think you can command…only, you know ….open that marvelous door. And when the door opens…WoW !!!there is a coffin! But the strategy is genius… all these efforts our political designers make to integrate their people there …all these efforts make the coffin worthwhile!!! Here is another instance of pyromaniac fire fighting strategies. When a house is burning, the most common sense thing a person would NOT DO is ….to poor gas on fire. But reality defeats the most frantic imagination, because, Yes!!!–We actually can do this!!!There are actually oil companies that do just that, they actually thrive on disasters from Redesigning Middle East today, and they literally poor gas over the fire taking great profit from misery, turmoil and death. By these very means of “redesigning the world”, just to cite some classis designers still alive, the modern man, in a titanic effort snatches the world from God’s hands and becomes his own God and the God of his world. His main command is “let it be darkness”. He stumbles from one stage to another to the point where his whole proud civilization will crush consumed just like a piece of chopped wood in a pile prepared for an inglorious fire. Just like in precedent BiG Golden Revolutionary Eras, some people have sometime some “Messianic” visions of how the world should be. They diligently work them out in the fabric of sleeping societies that allow them to manifest and implement their paradisiacal paradigms of social justice, concord and happiness for the self-elected ones. That’s partly how Nazism and Communism were born and that’s how these new waves of global totalitarian happiness will actually become more paradisiacal then both former Dis(Orders) in one place. These people actually lack any cultural, religious or civic identity, and they claim that they belong to an ethnical group or the other only when is fashionable to do so; as if their ideas would be a common knowledge of the whole community they happen to belong to. They are the “heroic figures”, “the martyrs”,” the great ideologists” , “the prophets”,” the healers”, the everything one can envision in the most fantastic oligarchic-Men fiesta, and they can kill in the name of their ideas. Pointing out the misconceptions in their “messianic” ideology becomes a crime of lese majesty, that they embellish it and make it appear a sacrilege against a certain ethnical group. This “sacrilege” needs to be guillotined with all means of the social security and control installed by them ranging from gross manipulation of personal information, isolation, defamation, exclusion and even murder of those who don’t happily share this stuffed, confining ideological coffin. Today our lovely designers buy and sell genocides. History is for sell!!!! They make a business out of Holocaust and condemn Nations indefinitely, just as if the Last Day Judgment has already started. And they sell some and deny others, it is ultimately up to them. They judge in large blocks and falsify history. Because it sells and it fuels their war propaganda. It sells. Yupiiiii—Now we sell countries, we sell people and we sell martyrs too. Big Money! Honorably so. Just a little recourse to history. Romania participated in WWII on German side, without any formal agreement or commitment to Hitler, or the Nazi, because Romania , in essence did not share the Nazi principles. Romanians fought a war of honor that had the goal to liberate national territories Basarabia and Bucovina from Bolsheviks, and also, as a more distant goal to recuperate Ardeal from Hungarian occupation. Communists rewrote history, destroyed and falsified documents incriminating Romanian Heroes like Marshal Antonescu, Romanian soldiers, or innocent youths from Iron Guard of crimes they had not commit. This is a murder perpetrated against a whole nation. Following the war, after the Communists took power in Romania, they based their massacre against Romanians on this very assumption that these people were Nazis and killed Jews and also as a revengeful act for Romanian participation in war against Bolshevik Russia. They put up a false trial and after that they killed or imprisoned these “war criminals”. After taking them out they extended the “witch hunting “ to the rest of society. They thrived on ethnic and class conflict, turning minorities against one another and against the majority of population, incriminating people for belonging to upper classes or for being intellectuals. Thinking is a big crime in totalitarian regimes. In the first two decades, probably the most ferocious ones, just to be fashionable they promoted people from Jewish communities in key positions. They had strong commitment to Bolshevik mentality. Anna Pauker, Nicholski, Zeller , Bermann, Grinberg, Kohler the most horrendous Bolshevik figures in Romania belonged to Jewish communities. I am not saying they were gruesome because they were Jewish. I am saying that Jewish communities need to acknowledge these Goliath’s horrendous means and propaganda, especially when these individuals perpetrated their crimes in their name, and in the name of Justice. Similar leaders use the same means today when they make reparations to Jewish communities. As the New Testament says, they are not the real Jews, but rather they are Satan’s synagogue. On the other hand there is a serious need for history to be known because otherwise, we allow people who pretend to represent us to use it as propaganda that serves their own needs. Moreover we need to dismantle the false vision about the past events and make reparations that are fair and reciprocal, otherwise resentments and victimization on both sides will go on uninterrupted. Red Holocaust that happened in Romania is either ignored, relativized, or denied. Romanian people were killed in Bolshevik prisons or outside in the name of a false JUSTICE. These Bolshevik leaders, conducted extreme social experiments on how people react under great terror, and how terror can be used as means to re-educate prisoners and convert them to communist ideology. They aimed to destroy the soul of the prisoners , control their minds by forcing them into false declarations that aimed to defile their own families, their own past, their own upbringing, their own friends, God Himself. They managed to turn prisoners into perpetrators of terror on other colleagues of imprisonment. They aimed to build a “new man” through re-education by terror that would oppose no resistance to Marxist ideology, will have no attachment to family values, to tradition, to religion. Turcanu, a Romanian from Moldova, one of the most ferocious victim-perpetrators in Pitesti experiment said: “If Christ Himself would have passed through my hands He wouldn’t have resurrected. I am the Bible and I am going to write it on your cadavers.” Many young Jews were promoted in position of power, because they, more than any other minority embraced Bolshevik mentality. Stalin, Marx and if I am not mistaken Engel too were Jewish descendents. They were the false Messiah of their times, the prophets, the teachers, the Rabbis, the healers, the Judges. I believe that Jewish communities need to acknowledge this and present condolences and make reparations to Romanian society and to other people in Eastern Europe and in former USSR as well, by acknowledging the truth of the horrendous crimes some of their leaders perpetrated in the Former Eastern Communist Block. No matter how representative these leaders’ ideas are or are not to Jewish mentality and values, it would be a gesture of modesty and delicacy for them to empathize with the pain of others—Goime/Gentails—especially when they ask for so much acknowledgement of their own pain during WWII. How about a second Nuremberg after the fall of Communism to incriminate all leaders and communities that perpetrated crimes against hundreds of millions of people in this region. That would mirror the nowadays perpetual incrimination for Nazism. Just as if following Nazi there was not a 50 years period of Genocide against many nations and races. Of course those 50 years don’t erase the memory of a community that suffered persecution, and yet many other people suffered persecution as well, and they don’t ask for reparations. They rather honor the sacrifice of their parents and use their experience as an informant for present, because the means from yesterday are the same today. The New Global Socialist dream grippes more and more nations, especially those with a tradition in democracy. The most concerning is that they use same excuses and false pretexts for justice the Communists used. Christians live in a normal dimension of Time. For them Last Judgment hasn’t started yet, and they acknowledge that they are not Messiah to judge other nations. There is NO Messianic Nation unless we start to operate on racist assumptions again. I don’t believe that the famous statement “ if a Christian is on the edge of abyss than the great honor for a Jew would be to give that person a last strike” is a general Jewish value, but at least in the beginning of the Communism in Romania that’s how it appeared to be. I believe that the true Jews have a right appreciation for justice and I believe that God’s grace has started to shine upon them again since they will be the last ones to come to Christ. And because the last will be the first again, they will be the ones to rip off the benefits of the first born again. Ignorant about the facts, or plainly falsifying, censoring and destroying documentation, Bolsheviks misrepresented the Romanian participation in WWII. They attributed to Romanians the Holocaust that took place in Ardeal while under Hungarian occupation and also misrepresented the deportation of Jews to labor camps in Transnistria. The truth is totally different. Actually Marshal Antonescu rendered passports in white to thousand of hundreds of Jewish refugees from Ardeal to cross the borders and enter what was left of Romanian territories during WWII. In Romania they were saved from Nazis. Jews in Romania were exempted from participating in war and also Marshal Antonescu protected their business. Romania fought under the WWII for her national territories and the Romanian authorities saved 300 000 -400 000 Jews from Holocaust, either by protecting them in the country or by helping them to escape to Palestine. As a Romanian born I feel very upset when I see that our history is being falsified here in US, just like it used to be falsified in Romania during communist years. Even worse. In Romania many professors in school would actually teach the realistic historical facts, taking the risk of being imprisoned. In Romania, before 1940 Viena Dictat and Ribbentrop-Molotov Treaty that ripped off Ardeal, North of Bucovina and Basarabia from the country there were about 756 930 Jews, one of the biggest Jewish community in Europe. In what was left of Romania after these political truces between Stalin and Hitler there remained 400 000 Romanian-Jews. The rest of almost 400 000 took different routes, some remained in Ardeal, some with the help of Romanian Authorities managed to escape to Palestine, or even to Russia. Romanian Authorities were responsible for them and others that crossed the borders and came to the country, not for those that remained in Ardeal and were exterminated by Horthy. Anyway, in 60’ about 400 000 Jews emigrated to Israel from Romania. So if Romanians exterminated 400 000 Jews during the war what’s the magic that fulfilled this great generational gap in 400 000 living, vibrant people that asked for Israeli citizenship ? Something ain’t right. I do not, by any means, I do not believe in spontaneous generations phenomena in humans. It is true that, after war when Communists came to power a considerable number of Jews came from USSR to Romania. They came to stay because they usually came to bring Communist Propaganda and they had great conditions in a country where Romanians were thrown in prison and Killed or brought to labor-camps. People who were shipped to Israel they had a dream, an ideal—To rebuild their country after two thousands of years. They were not prepared for a fratricide against Palestinians and they did not know that they themselves are there as mass of maneuver to be shifted by the big Axis of the new dis(Order) between two poles: War and revolution mania of redesigning the world by using unconventional weapons and mass killing, followed by the depression and economic bankruptcy. These are the gifts that the genius designers bring to the regions they redesign. Fraierica e cine-i primeste si se prostitueaza cu ei. Caiaphas’ Israel is the parcel where people are bought and brought in a fratricidal space of hatred, in a country that as a prototype needs to be Holly, and welcoming of all Nations. Here, between prototype and hands-on reality the Jews are squished, concentrated again like in a oven or huge birth giving uterus. Horizontally only hatred , desperate burning people and revengeful unconventional bombs, vertically the scream to Haven for legitimacy and a moment of peace. Go give a head in the wall and figure this out for yourself. This is actually the only true intersection of coordinates that make the Jewish people the real Messianic People, the citizens of heavenly Israel. Those that refuse to believe the profanity that takes over the whole world the false prophets that say everything will be OK, everything is in “our” control. They are the true sons of God, and they are dismayed by their own kind for refusing to let themselves hypnotized, enchanted by the “new” dis(Order), that will transform itself in the most gruesome experiment humankind has ever encountered and will bring destruction to Israel and to all those that will embrace it. They mirror the rejected, the cursed, the sold, the bitten, the spit on, the wiped, the hanged on to wood God. Here the Jew becomes Palestinian, and then the rest of the world in a holly Unity . Here is the space where the real gold is rendered and here the Chosen People will learn to discern the Universal Hoax of Antichrist with his false, short-time delusional peace from the real God, The God of all People, of Peace, of true gold and true Heaven. The one that turns the Swords into plows. This dramatic intersection of decomposing telluric and descending heaven makes up the living burning bush, the cradle of that golden generation of Jews. They will be the God’s warriors, the ones who will redeem their parent’s mistakes, and together with Christ will defeat Antichrist with his big hoax and will bring victory to Israel. The only less than extraordinary good news will be that they will have to be so holly, that they will not want to have anything to do with women. Back to WWII in Romania: Jews in Ardeal were killed by Hungarian Nazi. As History shows Ardeal, although a historical Romanian territory passed under Hungarian administration following Viena Dictate 1940 August 30th. There was a significant group of Romanian refugees that passed to Romania from Ardeal under occupation. Among Romanians there were, as documents show about 15 000 Romanian-Jews passing over. Marshal Antonescu rendered Romanian-Jews passports in white to help them cross the border safely. In the North-East, even more turmoil. Following June 26th of 1940, when Stalin in agreement with Hitler stole Romanian territories Basarabia and North of Bucovina many terrorist elements belonging to local Jewish communities and other groups attacked Romanian refugees and Romanian Army while they withdrew from these Romanian territories to what was left of Romania of those times. In Basarabia and Bucovina they perpetrated savage acts against Romanian refugees, under the protection of Sovietic Bolsheviks. There was an instance where a Romanian soldier was actually chained to a pole and a group of Jewish assaulters made a line and urinated on him. In the morning, some Romanian fellows found him and released him. As soon as the guy found a moment he shut his brains off out of shame. Assaults like these on refugees and refugee army, horrified the Romanian society of those times and fueled some revengeful acts. Marshal Antonescu contained them and actually extinguished them with a great national price. Many Romanian Nationalists from Iron Guard who did not host any revengeful ideas or did not inflicted any revengeful acts were imprisoned by Antonescu and they continued to execute many years of prison after the war, in horrendous conditions imposed by the communists . During the war, many Bolshevik terrorists coming from Jewish communities were deported to labor camps in Transnistria, not because they were Jewish but because they were violent. There were many errors, that made innocent people to end up in Transnistria . This measure was intended to be strict utilitarian in those times of great trial, and aimed to protect the rest of peaceful Jewish population from the generalization of an ethnic conflict during those times of great tribulation for the nation. From those labor camps many of them were actually allowed to “escape” to Russia. Although universal and wide-spread measures during wars, the means are not standard and universal. Each country uses its own experience, reservoirs of humanity and capacity to resist and preserve dignity when under huge pressure. Bolshevik Flame Conquers the West They don’t want to see. Bizarre sleep. What amazes me is that this historical truth is obscured here in the US just like in former Bolshevik regimes that gripped Eastern Europe, and countries occupied by the Soviets in Asia. The Holocaust Museum in DC appears to ignore history. They attribute to Romanians the crimes that were perpetrated by Horthy in Ardeal , and acknowledge Romania among war criminals. They defile the memory of Romanian leaders and heroes at those times who defended their nation and other people who took refuge to Romania during those great tribulations. They were heroes for Romanians and heroes for hundreds of thousands of Jews they saved. Hundreds of thousands of Romanian-Jews that emigrated to Israel are their living legacy. In Christianity people offer living gifts to God by saving the life of those under great persecution because Our God Is a God of Life and Mercy…and not of Judgment and Condemnation…NOT Yet! Those who judge before Time bring Judgment upon their head, that’s a spiritual law, that applies no matter how ignorant someone would be of its existence. As I said , we become more and more knowledgeable about the fact that people who perpetrated the most horrendous crimes during communism in Eastern European countries and Russia, many ferocious Bolsheviks and criminals belonged to Jewish ethnical groups. In Romania, for instance, they claimed their Jewish identity because it was fashionable during those times and because that gave them a martyr aura and rendered them entitled to the gruesome crimes they perpetrated against Romanians after WWII. Telling these truths becomes an impiety against the whole Jewish community while Romanians have to take the blow and pay a false tribute in their own country or overseas, acknowledging a fact that did not occur in Romania: A Holocaust against the Jews. There was a genocide against Romanians in Romania during Communist period, perpetrated mostly by Jewish leaders in the first two decades after war. Some of these political leaders and their murders bring a shadow over the whole Jewish community. Romanians are forgiving but they don’t usually forget history, because they made their own history in those lands, defending their country from foreign invasions and foreign ideologies of totalitarian happiness. Romanians are Orthodox Christians and Christians are free people and respect other people right to self-determination. In true Christianity nobody imposes their own vision on others. That’s why Romanians in their millenary history did not invade other countries. There were many Romanians and people from different minority groups contaminated with Communist ideas, but of the whole minority groups, Jews were among the most representative ones, and they had great access to power and control in the society. The propensity to hide horrendous crimes perpetrated by some of the leaders of a community using an ethnic umbrella brings a great injury to the whole community. Re-writing history with fist in the mouth does not serve the truth, and the truth always surfaces like oil in the water. Rewriting history by disregarding the role that some very important Bolshevik leaders belonged to Jewish communities while accusing national martyrs and heroes like Antonescu or Legionaries of anti-Semitism is “strigatoare la cer”—is just like a scream to Heaven for Truth. Again, is not that I believe that Jews are inherently criminals, I believe that these people that claim to represent them bring a great injury to them and isolate them, making them a target for hatred. Those who acknowledge the truth and just turn their heads away, or those who chose to stay ignorant, they are responsible for perpetuation of evil. Victims of gruesome totalitarian visions were both Romanians under the Communist and the Jews under Nazis. There is no monopoly over martyrdom or heroism. It would be nice if the history were written from the peaceful stance where Romanians helped Jews and vice-versa and not from a protochronist perspective, denying historic realities and thinking in large blocks and clichés. Peaceful Jewish communities everywhere become even more targets of hatred because of the great injustice perpetrated by some of their leaders or “great thinkers” during Communist times and in “Post-Communist” era as well. People love and respect their martyrs and heroes, their countries, and there is no double standard for appreciation of what is valuable in a society or the other. “You need to respect my heroes and martyrs, especially when they helped you, and I will respect yours.” That will be a more fair standard for social concord rather than the gross manipulation of truth and history by some of the political leaders. They care more about their political influence, and their chair underneath their “royal” bottom rather than the communities, let alone nations they need to actually serve. When the society subscribes to their political vision that serves only the interests of few lobbies than that society serves the political power and not vice-versa, as any democratic Constitution statutes. Overall it would be very nice if people would write most recent history taking in consideration authentic documents, persons that are still alive, using their critical thinking and excluding propaganda. Peaceful nations like Romania can bring a great deal of equilibrium in this very turbid world, just by following her sense that’s ingrained in her very fabric of culture, history, spirituality. Giving up these sense and allowing it to be defiled makes Romania just a ground for new gruesome experiments. There is a great offensive that targets the soul of people, that aims to defile healthy values and replace them with obscure upside-down principles . Everyone of us is a target and everyone of us has a radical decision to make whether we go with this filthy tide of lies and illusions or let it pass. It might appear from this writing that I believe that Jews are to be blamed for all the evil in this world. I don’ actually believe that. I have encountered many Jews in my life and I found them just common sense people, with an acute awareness of justice and very sensitive to oppression just like other people who experienced oppression and rejection in their history. I also believe that those that reach positions of power and influence forget their roots and use their influence for power and control not for justice and truth. Therefore they and all the other leaders that drink the corrupted wine of nowadays power don’t represent communities and nations but rather political and economical groups that placed them in power, and they go to a great extension of using propaganda and disinformation to achieve their goals. The truth that a community that was victimized had its own criminals that victimized a significant number of people from other communities/nations does not make that truth anti-ethnic. That would mean the whole ethnic group is criminal. It is an historic, documented fact, and there is no impiety against the whole community to acknowledge this truth. I actually believe that criminals and those who serve criminal totalitarian ideologies don’t have anything in common with any ethnic group they are actually ignorant of the values of the community they come from. They only happen to be borne in a community or other and their totalitarian visions and zest for power and control bring a great damage to the whole society where their ideas triumph. They use the means of terror, manipulation, social exclusion, mass murder to implement their dreamy vision of what a society should look like. I believe that acknowledging the history is a basis for a better informed present, otherwise history repeats itself. In Romania, for the whole Communist period, US represented a great hope for freedom. Many people imprisoned by communists , or the Anti-communist resistance in the Mountains that opposed the regimen until 60’, hoped that one day, Americans would descend from sky in great spaceships/aircrafts and throw the communist hydra away from the country. Well many other Romanians in prison and outside of prison had the intuitive knowledge that this would be too much of a burden on US and is not going to happen. Another disappointment was that Americans did not intervene to help revolts in Hungry, Czechoslovakia and Poland . Romania was actually the only state in the former communist bloc that opposed Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia . Russian tanks did not cross Romania in their deadly procession to Czechoslovakia. Globalist beasts like dictatorships or communism cannot be simply overthrown, because they have dominion over most of mechanisms and resorts in the society they grip. There is a need for a political truce among the key leaders/former enemies/partners/cold war warm ups from the both sides for this great event to take place. I believe that’s what distinguishes a revolt from a revolution. The revolt starts from within the oppressed masses, and they are usually quickly extinguished, while the revolutions start from without, speculating the discontent of the masses. They typically start with an agreement between the second echelon of figures of totalitarian power and more distant leaders who represent role-models of the new political –design. They help the revolutions logistically and strategically—many times with arms, of course. The outcome is good for some in the beginning, especially for those who know how to make quick profit in revolutions and wars, but on a log run is bad for everybody, because it typically leads to a new degree of totalitarian power and militarization. US faces a great moral dilemma: – To be blamed for intervening and to be blamed for not intervening. Intervention is necessary when is effective. Probably the blame for using/allowing to use unconventional weapons against innocent population and the blame for allowing corporations to make profit out of death and mass killing, those would be realistic concerns. This is very dangerous for our country. We don’t notice that concomitantly with this tendency we as a nation build our own prison and make democracy history and also bring a great deal of hatred from everywhere. Moreover, fighting against beasts like totalitarian regimes have the recoil effect of internalizing the demons of those who we fight against in our society at home, or bring home other people’s phantoms while forgetting about ours. The ethical and moral, heroic motivation that drives people to die far away from home dries out and the main motivation that moves people to die is economical. Well… the Government pays and they take care of my family. So the Government becomes the great paternal figure, TaTuKa and soon the society starts to endear without even knowing and give in to the Image and Paternalistic Authority of the State. Soldiers are great heroic figures in any society and their ideals become the ideals of the society and vice-versa. When they constantly lack victory in their endeavor and when their blood is sold at the expense of other people’s resources then they become demolished as human beings. Killing a person like Saddam or Ben Laden does not win a war it only brings more hostility from innocent people from countries tyrannized by dictators, and after “revolution” torn apart by civil wars, and by a foreign invasion as well. The local population doesn’t cherish our soldiers as liberators, but rather they look upon them with hatred. American society doesn’t share common values with middle Eastern countries, so people there perceive any American presence as a foreign threat, not as a blessing. Without a sustenance of moral and ethical alliance with the ‘Liberated” population the liberation doesn’t actually take place and the soldiers become occupants. When the economical piece adds they become mercenaries, just like soldiers from Roman Empire. What person who is willing to walk in Godly presence can sustain such an identity without suffering a great psychological divide? There is a great confusion our soldiers have to face: Their initial vision about the enemy and the hands-on reality they go to fight against are two totally different situations. Suicidal bombing that they consider immoral is embraced actually as a desperate supreme form of martyrdom by the oppressed population against the foreign invader, and not only by the official theorists- those bad guys who threaten our country-(ies)/ democracies. Therefore the soldiers find themselves fighting against the oppressor and the oppressed… and nobody prepared them for that. When they have to use unconventional weapons, then there is a huge problem with their consciousness. There is no programmatic thinking that can erase this shame and life-long trauma When the economic and political makeup starts to reveal itself, the real motivators and the premises for the actual war become more shocking, and shaking for soldiers who find themselves in the midst of a political, religious, social, cultural and economic forces that they had no previous knowledge about. They become the real enemy, kind of like the Russian winter for Axis Army during WWII. They are all influential and cannot be overlooked unless the person fires only from the sky and never touches the ground. I believe that this is the turning point, the corner stone. Here everyone starts to decide either they would consider a double standard of ethics and act on what is required and not on what is actually right. Alternatively they might start to wonder that maybe the terrorism is actually a natural response to an illegitimate attack since most of population agrees with it. Let alone that, for strategic reasons that serve “the new order and security”, the old order Steak Holders serve the new regime in their liberated countries. Dutifully so. So just like the drunken citizen from a well-known Romanian comedy asks himself “who I am going to vote with?” the person sent to fight and give his life in all this social/political turmoil starts to asks himself/herself :” Who liberated whom, from what?” It is a very legitimate question I believe and this has the effect of throwing our soldier in an existential dilemma that will probably haunt the person until the projected withdrawal and thereafter. In the war fueling countries, like in a perfect symbiosis with what’s going on far away we start to import oil and fear. More fear than oil actually. Fear for theorist attacks ( once upon a time former friends of democracy and liberators), fear for diseases, fear for drugs, fear for extraterrestrial encounters, fear for thieves, fear for economic disaster, fear for weather change, fear for comets, fear for allergen cosmic dust, fear for …well there is so much fear in the air, that even babies stink. An actual escape from fear is the virtual world, where of course we encounter A HUUGE PLANETARY BRAIN with which we confabulate even more cosmic fears, such that terror, becomes a common element in dreams and in reality. The whole world becomes just a huge piece of Sault that is about to crush in our head . So, since we all agree that , yes !!!! It is very dangerous, we, The People start to give up basic, common sense rights… in the very hands of Those who treat us by Exposure to an even more intense degree of danger. We, The People, agree that giving up our civil rights and moving in a prison is the solution for security. US and other parties start to resemble those they fight against, especially when our Government promotes inequities and actually accentuates conflicts in the countries where they intervene and import more hostility to US. Unfortunately American lobbies and American politics along with other Western /Westernized societies move more and more under the auspicious of Totalitarian ideas and they becomes more and more gripped by a totalitarian application of social control. These ideologies about how a region of the world should look like fuel our nowadays wars and bring us more and more enemies. We call them terrorists and we disregard the fact that our International Economic Politics mediated through Biiiiiiig, Huuuuge, at a Planetary scale huuuuuge agents like World Bank or International Monetary Fund actually destroyed national economies. They promote their own interests and buy lobbies (the modern terminology for local traitors) in the host countries. That’s how they succeed in implementing their unique vision of how the world can be destroyed economically and how some corporations can prosper by the means of revolutions and wars. Here is just a synopsis of their economic and political genius, some of the ideas that sustain their vision. Here are some of the paradigms in which some people who proclaim themselves the New Leaders of the new “Open Societies” think our world. Don’t shut the sheriff -—I am not anti-Semitic by any means, on the contrary. I believe Arabs are People too. The truth is not anti-Semitic ,or anti-American or anti-Indian or anti-Martian or Anti-Mercurian, or anti-moon, or anti-sun, anti-earth, it just is, especially when it comes from the mouth of the sinner (a Romanian saying). Actually this “Anti-Semitic” incarceration of truth and justice brings even greater turmoil over Israel, and like a Romanian writer and former political dissident put it “Islamizes all the tensions” in Middle East. • Jewish Banker, The Jewish World “Someone might say that Marxism is the most veracious enemy of Capitalism, that for us is sacred. For the simple reason that they are two opposites, they render us the two poles of the Earth and allow us to be the axis. These two opponents ,the Bolshevism and us, united us in Internationala. These two opponents, that constitute the doctrine of the two opposite poles of society meet with one another in the unity of scope, that is the rejuvenation of the society at the upper levels through the control of possessions and at the lower levels through revolution.” • The American Hebrew “The Russian Revolution was the very product of Jewish brain, of the Jewish discontent, of their own planning, and their purpose is to create a new order in the world (Disorder—my note). That which was realized so well in Russia because of Jewish Brains, because of their discontent and their planning, through a similar intellectual and physical effort can become a worldwide reality.” • The Jewish World “The most important ideal of Judaism is that the whole world to be impregnated with Jewish teachings, and then in a Universal Fraternity –actually in a big Judaism—all races and religions will disappear. “ I love Christianity . I believe Judaism is backwards without Christianity. I believe that all races are creations of God, and in New Testament, there is no racial divide, people are all one in Christ. Nobody is forced to be part of this Unity if they don’t want. It is not like in this gelatinous combo of religious ideas where the very essence of the religious believes is diluted to the degree of “politically correct” lame statements. Nope! Our God is a God of burning passion and cohesive identity. God the Father, The God of Law (Law is curse because nobody can fulfill it entirely—and we live now under curse more than ever, because most of what was once Christian has become more a convention, or a fairy-tale story), The God of Mercy Christ-Messiah, and the whole sustaining Holly Spirit Who descendent from the Father after Christ’s Resurrection and reaches all people from all walks of life . Otherwise how would it be possible for You to listen to a Taliban like me without …you know, ripping my head off. Anyway, if we go back to Judaism alone, than yes, there is a huuuuuge racial divide: The Jews and the rest of the world. I don’t like that. I believe it’s backwards. There is no Fraternity in Judaism, simply because Jews are not Messiah. They cannot sustain the whole world, that would be to Sisific, to heavy for them. Moreover, we know from history that in the very name of Liberte’, Fraternite’ , Egalitate’ brothers enjoyed the freedom of rendering their siblings to death just to be more equal. There was a need for God to descend on Earth, to preach peace by the Sword of Spirit, and to dismantle false hypocritical mentalities and subdue and crush earthly empires in order for people to make a brotherhood in righteousness and love, and not a clique of interests. God has changed His Testament it means that probably He finds it backwards too. I also believe that Judaism without Christianity doesn’t give the crystal clear vision of today’s developments. It does nor rise awareness about the hypocritical advance of the mark from commercial products, to ID papers, to animals and the of course to humans. It does NOT rise awareness that we The People make a triumphal entering in a huuuuge Nazi Camp. It allows for people to drink the spoiled wine of these times and believe that these measures are good–they are for security and keep the society in control. There is no religion on Earth other than Christianity that brings this enlightenment about the gross infringement to people’s freedom. Well, I am not saying, again, that Jews are at fault for this advancement of the mark. I am saying that Judaism alone does not bring the full blown awareness of what’s going to happen. The paradox anyway is that although there is so much noise and propaganda about Nazzi holocaust, people everywhere, especially here in US receive numbers like kettles and without those numbers –for social in(security) nobody can actually….get hired…and soon nobody will be able to buy or sell. Christianity brings the fulfillment of prophetic Judaic line. It also brings the best news ever to the Jews, that they will be the last and the first again. But this after…the big illusion, the cosmic hoax of false spiritual rejuvenation. The world is still free and most of citizens don’t willingly and consciously obey to these rigid standards of prosperity and happiness for some self-elected ones. People are mislead and misinformed by media Trusts that have a huge financial gain out of this deadly propaganda. Therefore, the same mechanisms and dangerous ideologies that work in totalitarian societies seem to be working here, at home: I believe that this mentality accentuates racial and ethnic segregations in society and makes Jewish communities everywhere and especially Israel target for hatred. Beyond these religious, racial and ethnic discriminations there are also other aspects of social inequities . I would mention just a few mechanisms that promote a totalitarian social control in US, and other western former democratic countries that are immersed in these turbid waters of globalization : – Gross manipulation of public opinion regarding the reasons that drive our country to corporatist wars that are meant to “redesign the world”—first the Balkans and then Middle East. Redesigning means basically destroying the local economies “Food for Oil“ kind of politics and transforming them into” free” markets with cheap labor force, destroying th
  5. camian zice:

    – Gross manipulation of public opinion regarding the reasons that drive our country to corporatist wars that are meant to “redesign the world”—first the Balkans and then Middle East. Redesigning means basically destroying the local economies “Food for Oil“ kind of politics and transforming them into” free” markets with cheap labor force, destroying their local culture, values and religion.
    – Gross manipulation of public opinion regarding the “international terrorism”. In Romania during the Revolution in 1989 they shouted at TV that people are being shoot on streets by Arab terrorists and yet no Arab terrorist was ever identified. We know now from publicly available sources , others then the political propaganda that the Revolutions were actually an International political truce between political agents from both sides, and the beginning of a new totalitarian order worse than ever in history. Those who actually shoot people on streets and propagated the terror and disinformation were actually agents from CIA, KGB, Mossad, and OF COURSE local agents-traitors. The war was against a nation, not against a political power/order and it was perpetrated through the means of TV disinformation, manipulation by the great endeavourers willing to redesign the world by spreading out terror and illusions of freedom and democracy. The country was basically destroyed. Economic and spiritual destruction become the main desiderates for the new era, and the rewards were integration in UE/NATO under the auspicious of Monetary Fund and World Bank.
    – Governments in democratic countries don’t serve people anymore, they fuel the war-machine and they actually in the essence they imprison citizens everywhere for “security”, and in order to prove their care they promote wired civil laws : law against/pro tobacco, law against/pro abortion, law against/pro winter tires, law against/pro breathing probably very soon, law pro/against alcohol, law pro/against child supervision.
    These laws only lunch useless debates in the society, and have as an outcome the transgression beyond the healthy limits of the behavior the Government struggles to regulate. Simply because this is not Government’s business, it is a matter of common sense, education in family and school and ultimately is up to every citizen to decide for themselves. When the Government begins to treat citizens as children with developmental delays that are not able to self-regulate their conduct, than that Government is not representative for the whole society anymore. Unless of course , the society as a whole agrees that is developmentally behind.
    – They take advantage of the sacrifices the oppressed groups and communities make for the advancement of social justice and they turn it into political propaganda and defile the sacrifice. Those pertaining to a certain ethnic group that have a different vision for the social application of their sacrifice are being isolated. Their own brothers turn against them and pressure them to conform to the vision…otherwise they are being again marginalized, excluded or even murdered.
    – Another thing, well…the great divide between what is stated in Constitution and what is actually done. Traditionally so—Freedom and happiness for everybody, and yet some don’t quite have access to these desiderates. There is no fault in the system of course, that’s because they are either “ crazy, or lazy, or oppositional” they simply have something inherently wrong with them, so they simply don’t get it that we, The People have a great, wonderful order that works for us. Well, and there is also this thing, the freedom of speech, and more important (this is not explicitly stated) there is the freedom of excluding those who exercise the right of freedom of speech. Two antagonistic rights to freedom that make confinement rule.
    – When they make reparations we can see the propaganda and the hypocrisy. They mingle apples with pears races with sexual orientations, as though somebody’s sexual behavior is the concern of the Government. Another example of “reparation” that the Government makes would be the reparation for American Indian people. Well the paradox is that in a country that has strong rules for alcohol , the American Indians are being rewarded with casinos as a reparation for their isolation , exclusion and martyrdom. We know that American Indians have a genetic predisposition for alcoholism and casinos are great facilitators. So once again we are faithful to the tradition that diseases caused genocide among American Indians.
    – Like Nicu Steinhardt, another Romanian-Jewish political dissident put it, the Government in any democratic country has the duty of promoting justice, taking care of the environment, creating jobs for people, promoting dignity and freedom of expression, and respect for family and communities. When the Government becomes the great healer, the family member , and other roles that traditionally are being fulfilled by the family and free-determined communities, or turns justice into political propaganda, then watch out!!! The Government starts to become more than its designed function in the society. When the Government starts to inflict numbers in people like in Nazi camps, then that Government becomes Mamona and these concessions we as free citizens have the duty to refuse. In Christianity people give to the Cesar what belongs to the Cesar and to God what belongs to God. But when the Cesar starts to ask of what belongs to God then they don’t have to give that.
    – Therefore how about law against electronic regimentation of citizens in a huuuge Nazi camp, laws against microchiping animals or people, laws against tapping phone conversations by governments and third parties, laws against terrorizing citizens in the airports with drastic control, laws against ripping off the good of nations and transforming them in war-grounds, laws against discrimination for differences of opinions. Basically how about laws that defend the citizens and affirm their dignity and that promote free speech and liberty and not programmatic thinking. I believe that these kind of laws would better sustain a democratic society.
    – Here in US and in other western countries people are misled to believe that the revolutions are a gift from God to nations. It is not the case. Revolutions bring destruction and they only reinforce a totalitarian order, under a new cosmetic mask. They bring also desperate acts of cultural rejection of the foreign invader that we call terrorism.
    – The skewed vision perpetrated by the Media on the actual terrorism allows free democratic countries to become prisons where their citizens give away more and more civil rights for their “security”. Actually the world would become more secure if the greed and gross inequities that motivate nowadays wars and revolutions will be reduced significantly.
    – Instead we assist to an even greater militarization. Peaceful nations like Romania face the blackmail of hosting nukes by the great defenders of cosmic peace like NATO, while the rest of the economy is being destroyed and more than 4 millions of Romanians have emigrated.
    – The gross violation of the right to privacy –telephones are being tapped for quality assurance. Private correspondence and domicile are being violated.
    – Exactly like in totalitarian regimes people carry files without even knowing. Thanks to this microchiped ID papers, authorities and other third parties “know” more about the biography of a person than the person in cause knows, of course because they write them, and file them. Electronic centralization of data, the culture of microchips, and the wired dissemination of “personal numbers” like SSN, just like in Nazi Camp, allow those concerned with the good of humanity to manipulate personal information, to lie about personal data and then to misuse it for intimidation or social exclusion.
    – Our law system becomes more and more cumbersome. The terminology is more and more complicated just to obscure the fact that yes—at the other end —the application of the law becomes more and more punitive and people actually lose more and more freedom.
    – Personal life and the free flow of information is being more and more controlled by machines
    – It is hard to surpass any birocracy, to make it more human friendly, because it serves a system where every piece has to be connected to another , but when it comes to this “perfect intelligent designs” like Computers, than it is useless to even argue. One can physically be in a place and pay a bill, but if the PC did not record it then the person’s presence means nothing, or a bill can be generated multiple times for the same service and if the person doesn’t have the receipt anymore, than well…it shows one did not actually pay it. Few days ago a person requested a report from an institution to solve a computerization problem–basically the machine told the operator that the person did not pay the bill when that person actually paid it. When the person requested an additional proof from a different institution the piece of paper that person got in response from them had the heading “Demanded” report. So the machine got upset with the request….And other hassles and wired abnormalities like that, that show that the control for human transaction and operations belongs more to the machine, or other third party, then the actual person. I have no doubt, this system will crush, because more people will want to think freely, not in bites.
    – I strongly believe that “They” , the computers represent the living icon that is being prophesized in the Bible and people bow to them, trust the machines exceedingly to the point of becoming one mind with them and suspending their own critical thinking.
    – People are trained to participate in spam culture, such that we become more and more zombified, programmatic societies that read into “messages” rather than communicating openly and freely. Some people in professional roles even imitate the robotic intonation of the machines we start to serve. Computer synthesized voices and robots take over most of our services and people make their standards of performance ideals for human performance.
    I believe that this new culture of death tends to become more and more universal. I believe that people and nations can oppose destructive politics and refuse to host war-fuelling mentalities and not betray in their life space the freedom of expression and stay away from gross infringement on people’s rights. Not ultimately refuse to be enchanted by machines, avoid to become one mind with the beast and not accept ID papers with microchips. God takes care of those who don’t obey a machine and refuse to implement the politics of the Beast. The beast claims that it is for security. Who’s security?
    Totalitarian regimes and dictatorships use brainwashing techniques train citizens to perpetuate and sustain the ideology of the installed power by spreading-out confusion, fear and gross manipulation of persons and truth. Their actions are short-lived and backfire because many, many, many people, again have the bad habit of being free—free thinkers, free citizens, free children of God. No matter how much lies, manipulation, social inequities and dirt flow on streets they are still living, walking shelters of peace and freedom.

    Stick It To The Man

    “The traveler dies from long Roads,
    And the stupid Man from (wrong) care for others”
    Romanian Saying
    Well, this writing might look nihilistic or negative. It is not. It denies a socially and politically inflicted negation of life and freedom, therefore is an affirmation. Many of us will actually departure from one another, based on this very crucial divide: We either choose Life and Freedom against the ODDS, or we get lost in this new tide of perdition and false victory. For many, especially the dreamy ones, or the ones that believe that they can make it on their own, without Christ’s help, or those who hunger for power, control and influence this new collective illusion will became their reality and it will condemn them because they refused to receive the Truth. There is no a third choice besides Yes or No to Life. Things are very Radical here, very black-or-white, although in beautiful dreams there is always a scenario, a dreamy world/shelter/ resource/weapon/device that takes the hero to a new level of victory. It is as if a Boy Scouts Team follows a Cartoon Character, let’s say Poppey the Marine. Well , that might be funny up to a certain point, for those who enjoy stories for kids. I personally believe that it would be a big disappointment at the end of the trip to realize that the whole endeavor was actually only a Cartoon story. I also believe that no matter what forces are being engaged in these deadly combat, nobody can actually keep the peace, especially with unconventional or with mass destruction means. The inner or outer peace is granted by God, with the sword, that is the Word of God, at the degree that people can handle. Those who win this peace are God’s soldiers. Most of We, the People don’t do well in peace; that would be too much of a burden for everyone to carry, a lot more so then the Cross itself, that is the easiest burden anyway. The Cross when is real is actually antigravitational because it involves to leave off all Earthly worries and walk only in the spirit of God.
    There will probably be a short period of false peace where people will be entirely just walking zombies with Socially-Securing numbers on their forehead or right hand, but that kind of peace will crumble together with the whole ground because there is no sustenance in Grace and Mercy for it. Kind of like” I KOW YOU NOT”. And then God will have to make a new Earth– that’s how shaky that peace will be. I hope we’ll meet there, if we don’t get lost in a marvelous illusion . Otherwise my hope would be, at least to meet with one another in the same cartoon story.
    As a conclusion, instead of writing false histories, and accusing or trialing indefinitely some while excusing others, how about taking care of this very present moment that’s being snatched from us . I am not anti-Semitic (Arabs are Semits too-), or anti- American or anti-Romanian by any means. I believe that it becomes scary when people are regimented again to subscribe to one vision of life/death with the price of alienation and great alteration of self-determination.
    I strongly believe that Romanians need nukes as much as the bold man needs a pearl cup, Jews need more courage to assume the vicinity they live in and get to know better the needs/wants of Palestinians . They need to give up unconventional arms they use against innocent people in Gaza . They need to interact from the basis of a lager range of human needs (Food, shelter, respect, culture, history, religion, dignity) that would bring them closer and not assume as a starting point of their interaction only the most extremist assumptions about one another. In Romania there was a say: “Romanian’ best neighbors are the Serbs and the Black Sea.” Well, along Romanian’s bi-millenary history, and before… there was no neighbor that managed to throw Romanians in the Black Sea. I believe that Romanians had great episodes in their History when they acted just like David. I believe that Israel has many “Serb” neighbors there in Middle East. Americans need to realize that the Old World has seen these evolutions before, and they usually escalate quickly, lead to more turmoil and less freedom, and generalization of conflict, because shock and terror brings more sock and terror. The gross manipulation of public opinion regarding the nature of the conflict, the unconventional arms that Israeli army and NATO use against population in middle east is “Strigatoare la cer” meaning it is bluntly, brutally unfair, is like a “shout to heaven” for righteousness and justice and it needs to be addressed. There is no doubt that the inequities and turmoil in that area will escalate to the point of a nuclear war because all the means used in there prepare it for just that.
    US used to be a great hope for democracy and unfortunately She gives away more and more this calling and vocation by succumbing to political agents that resemble more and more a totalitarian make-up.
    I hate to say that, but there is the danger that US, that our country has become a new Russia, only “with more stars on Her flag” as Paul Goma’s father stated back in ‘50. She speaks the language of Peace and yet pulls the means of destruction, nuclear war and more and more totalitarian control.
    Americans have a great advantage they have the most powerful army in the world, an great disadvantages the greatest number of enemies. No matter what they do, or they don’t do somebody somewhere would get upset. I personally strongly believe that they better stay home and take care of things here on the grounds,
    I also believe that given the consequences of our political decisions we need to address causes, and not the effects. Otherwise , given the great infliction of terror oversees, we Ourselves will have to move in a HUUGE UTRA-SECURED PRISON. If we were to operate on a danger assumption than probably each one of us would need, just like in the White as Snow story at least 7 bodyguards just to go safely through the day in US or overseas. But that would make a life not worth living. Fear and terror is not a good informant for the majority of population, but it can be for those few that actually desire a better degree of control over society. We kind of shoot oversees in the foot regarding the freedom of speech and free determination. Our national and international politics become just the politics of a few lobbies, they do not represent Americans anymore.
    People write history with their blood so heroes and martyrs need to be acknowledged no matter what nationality they are. There is a double standard for recognition and a gross manipulation of truth regarding the past and the present and it does not serve anybody.
    Overall, I believe that the only control we have is over our industrious companies that make big profits out of revolutions and wars than over other political milieus….And of course not to forget history. Nations without real authentic sense of history are like persons incapacitated by Alzheimer’s diseases. They can only be carried from one vision to another, by others, they don’t have their own determination and critical thinking of what’s best for them, anymore.
    Of course, not ultimately, this centralization of information, power and uniformization of the world is really concerning. Soon with the degree of computerization of natural life one will not know when picking up the phone whether at the other end there is a human being or a robot.
    More tranquility to the peace making warriors!
    Give peace a chance.

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  7. Ecumenismul este ultima murdarie ce a avuto satana in sac !

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